Dr. Dunnet

Doc Dunnet Day

Who was Doc Dunnet? He was the medical doctor for Avonlea and district from 1912-1957. The museum is researching this most respectable character of our history. You can take part in the festivities during afternoon tea at 2pm, or celebrate with us at the wine & cheese at 7:30pm. We encourage you to come dressed from his era, or perhaps enter his look-a-like contest and enjoy the festivities!

July 18, 2019 - 2:00pm

Waiting Room

This room was used by passengers, friends and relatives waiting for the train's arrival or departure. Temporary displays are set up here and track lighting has been installed to provide proper lighting for art displays. The old pot-bellied stove, back in its original spot, kept travellers and those waiting for the train comfortably warm. The glass display case houses Dr. Dunnet's instruments and many of his medical books. He was a very important part of the community for over 50 years.

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