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Mayor Alex welcomes Scotty the T-rex to Riderville.

ImageImageYou may have noticed these artifacts in the museum or in the newsletter. So, what is it? These are two solid brass nozzles that were attached to firehoses. The force of the water flowing through the larger one rotated a cutting blade. It was used to remove roots from sewage pipes and the smaller one was used to thaw ice in culverts for spring runoff. Who knew?

The official Opening of "Scotty" the T-rex display will be held at the Museum at 7pm on Wednesday, May 11. We are pleased to have this Royal Saskatchewan Museum display for the summer months. Come and enjoy tea and cookies with the directors, special guests and MLA's.

Avonlea Heritage Museum is officially closed for the season, but you can arrange a tour by calling Jean Kincaid at 868-2064, Bernice Sanderson at 868-2156, Annamae Nelson at 868-2043, or Cathy Geisler at 868-2098.

Things have been changing in the Museum this summer! The Pioneer Display Building has been rearranged and we're proud of the new General Store and Blacksmith Shop in our Main Street display. Work continues as Garry, Clarence and Richard get the Dr. Office/Drugstore ready. Come down and check it out!

I would like to thank the Museum for sponsoring me to go to South West Tourism's Web Workshop in Moose Jaw. I learned lots, especially about search engine rankings. I'll apply what I've learned and try to improve 's grade from the current 73%.

The Avonlea Badlands are truly a remarkable and unique environment. It is interesting to see how the seasons, weather, and time of day change this unique habitat. Visitors in the early morning are treated to a variety of bird songs. The shadows of evening are a photographer's dream. The stifling heat of high noon is astounding on a hot day as you drop into the desert-like bottom. June is an awesome time to tour as plant and bird life abound, but anytime is great. Contact the museum for tours.

In 2013, our museum met with landowners of the Avonlea Badlands to set up and organize scheduled tours. This arrangement has been beneficial to both the museum and the landowners. The museum benefits by welcoming interested individuals who often tour both the badlands and the museum. Landowners benefit because tours are now more controlled and have tour guides who ensure that the land and property are treated respectfully. It is important to be aware of and respectful of potential dangers. Cattle and horses are often found in or near the vicinity of the Badlands tours.

The Avonlea Badlands are a wonderful place to explore and many hikers, photographers, naturalists, geologists, palaeontologists enjoy the beauty of diverse ecosystems that are uniquely Saskatchewan. Guides lead you through hoodoos and points of interest in what some describe as a martian landscape. The tours are weather permitting and guided by volunteers and museum staff, so we ask that you call (306-868-2101 from Jun-Aug) or email ( from Sep-May) and check our Events page for last minute cancellations as sometimes the weather doesn't co-operate. If you leave us your mobile number, we can call or text cancellations. You must be able to walk about 2 kilometres as there are no vehicles allowed past the gate and the terrain is uneven.


  • $15.00 - Adult
  • $ 7.50 - Student

Group rate: (min. 6 people per booking)

  • $10.00 - Adult
  • $ 5.00 - Student

* includes a free tour of the museum *


  • walking shoes
  • hat
  • water
  • bug spray
  • sun screen
  • camera
  • take only memories; leave only footprints

Visitors are asked to meet their guide at Avonlea Heritage Museum, 219 Railway Ave, Avonlea, Sk, (at the end of Main Street).

2020 Tour Dates

Avonlea Badlands Tours Saturdays in July & Aug from 9:30am to 11:30pm

Avonlea Badlands Shadows Tours to be announced

Avonlea Badlands Milky Way PhotoTours to be announced

Avonlea Badlands Moonlight PhotoTours to be announced

Browse our Events for times.

Call 306-868-2101 or email to confirm availablility.

Saturday, August 8, 2020 - 10:00am to 4:00pm

We are having our 7th Annual Show & Shine!